Ms. Susan,

From the day I was brought into this world, you’ve been the human form of hope, love, and support that a child like me would long for.  Your arms have been the shelter that made life look brighter to me. You inspire me to be a strong person despite the tests life throws at me. Because of you, I’m able to live my life at its best. I owe you a lot. Thank you,




From day one, I’ve seen you struggling for achieving your goals. I used to think if being that much indulged into achieving your aims would work out until the day I saw you prosper. The day you came to me telling you got admission to your dream college! I had never gotten inspired by somebody like that. You inspire me to work hard and make boundaries to achieve my goal. I adore you for being so genuine! 




Although no words can describe the bond we share, I just want you to know you make my life so much better with your presence. Life would’ve fallen into so many ditches if you weren’t there. From sharing the laughter to giving me your shoulder, I want to thank you because you are one in a million. Perhaps words fail me here, you make my life so much better. Please stay forever.




You are the one who always brought positivity to work. But you also taught me how to work better; you showed me how to be ready for any responsibility or challenge. I was continually working harder because of you, trying to improve myself. Because of your guidance, I become more confident and fearless. I achieve so much more, having you by my side, as my coworker and friend.




You and I share so many memories. Growing up together made us sisters, not only best friends. You taught me how to be more confident, how to reach my goals. You are the one who always goes for it, who knows her worth and follow her dream. And because of you, I’m stronger, and I trust myself more.  I know my strength and my self-worth, and I keep working on myself.




You are the person who makes my life better in any way. You are not only my sister, but also my light.  You always had my back, and I know no matter what will happen, we have each other. Because of your support and unconditional love, I’m not afraid of any challenge or obstacle that came in my way. And because of your influence, I am always trying to be a better person.




You taught me so many things, but I will never forget what you told me about self-love. That I need to first find love in me, that love starts with me. How can I expect someone will love me if I don’t love myself? Because of you, I take better care of myself; I always try to love me more. And I will always be working on myself, on my inner love, because of you and your lessons. 




Thank you for teaching me how to believe in me in my decisions. Life is not easy, but I need to trust myself. Whatever life brings me; I can go through it; I can make it. Don’t give up on you, and people you love, you always say. Because of you, I’m more confident, and I’m not afraid of making decisions in life. You show me that I can achieve everything if I only believe in myself.

Your Son



Thank you for never giving up on me. I was raised but a warrior, a strong and liberated woman. You taught me how to be independent, how to always take care of me, and never rely on anybody. Because of you, I know I can achieve anything in life if I will work hard enough. Never settle for less than you deserve, you told me. And I will keep doing that; I will make you proud.



Miss Davies

 You are the best teacher I ever had. Your lessons will always stay with me. You are the one who told me I can always aim higher. Go beyond your limits, no matter what you are doing. Never do the bare minimum, always push yourself further, you told me.  Because of you, I expect more from me in any aspect of my life. I will continue growing and improving my talents, just like you taught me.




You are not only my mother-in-law but also my dear friend. After all your challenging life experiences, you are a kind and loving woman. You aspire me in any aspect of my life, as a woman, mother, and friend.  Thank you for all your love, care, and support you gave me. Your bits of advice and guidance helped me go through good and bad times.  Because of you, I always try to be a better mom and a person.




Being your wife, taught me a lot about love and life. You are a great companion, and you taught me how to focus on the good and enjoy living more. You always try to look on the bright side of life, and you gave me this new life perspective – how to loosen up and how to start counting my blessings. Because of you, I’m more positive and happier; you showed me how to have more fun!




Growing up as your younger sister, was the best gift world gave me. You are the one who always stands up for yourself and is never afraid to stand up for others. You taught me how to face a conflict, how to defend myself, and my values. Because of you, I’m courageous, and I’m not afraid to express my opinion. I will always try to stand up for me and fight for things I believe in it.



Mrs. Nollan

The way you care for your patients, your positivity, and your kind words make you an angel. You showed me how a tiny smile and special care could make everyone day better. I aspire to be like you, to love my profession, go beyond my work duties, and change people’s lives. Thank you for treating your patients like your friends, and always taking time to help us. Because of you, I care more about my health.